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Pinarello Dogma F12 Frameset

Pinarello Dogma F12 Frameset
Image differs from actual product (complete bike shown)
  • Image differs from actual product (complete bike shown)
  • Image differs from actual product (complete bike shown)
  • Image differs from actual product (complete disc-brake bike shown)
  • Image differs from actual product (complete bike shown)
  • Image differs from actual product (complete bike shown)
  • Image differs from actual product (complete bike shown)
  • Image differs from actual product (complete bike shown)
  • Image differs from actual product (complete bike shown)
  • Image differs from actual product (complete bike shown)
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You know what 8 watts is? Victory. The new Dogma F12 supplies the aerodynamic advantage you need to stay ahead of the pack, with as much as 1 full second saved over a 1 kilometer course at 40 km/h. You'll produce more power and faster times thanks to pro-level performance enhancements, including a 10% increase in lateral stiffness in the frame and a 40% reduction in fork torque. Full internal cable routing decreases drag while creating a hyper-sleek aesthetic — rim brake models have just one cable showing on the handlebar. The new design is not just about making the bike look good, but also combines geometrical, aerodynamic, and engineering needs to create Pinarello's latest world-class race machine.


Frame Carbon Torayca T1100 1K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy Technology
Fork Fork ONDA F12 with ForkFlap
Bottom Bracket Italian thread BB
Brake Compatibility Direct Mount Rim
Seat Post Carbon aero seat post, curved

* Subject to change without notice.

Part Numbers

Option MPN
Black on Black / 42cm PI-20-DF12-42-BOBB
Black on Black / 44cm PI-20-DF12-44-BOBB
Black on Black / 46.5cm PI-20-DF12-46.5-BOBB
Black on Black / 47cm PI-20-DF12-47-BOBB
Black on Black / 50cm PI-20-DF12-50-BOBB
Black on Black / 51.5cm PI-20-DF12-51.5-BOBB
Black on Black / 53cm PI-20-DF12-53-BOBB
Black on Black / 54cm PI-20-DF12-54-BOBB
Black on Black / 55cm PI-20-DF12-55-BOBB
Black on Black / 56cm PI-20-DF12-56-BOBB
Black on Black / 57.5cm PI-20-DF12-57.5-BOBB
Black on Black / 59.5cm PI-20-DF12-59.5-BOBB
Black on Black / 62cm PI-20-DF12-62-BOBB
Uranus Black/Red / 42cm PI-20-DF12-42-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 44cm PI-20-DF12-44-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 46.5cm PI-20-DF12-46.5-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 47cm PI-20-DF12-47-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 50cm PI-20-DF12-50-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 51.5cm PI-20-DF12-51.5-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 53cm PI-20-DF12-53-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 54cm PI-20-DF12-54-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 55cm PI-20-DF12-55-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 56cm PI-20-DF12-56-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 57.5cm PI-20-DF12-57.5-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 59.5cm PI-20-DF12-59.5-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 62cm PI-20-DF12-62-BKRD
Ineos / 42cm PI-20-DF12-42-INEO
Ineos / 44cm PI-20-DF12-44-INEO
Ineos / 46.5cm PI-20-DF12-46.5-INEO
Ineos / 47cm PI-20-DF12-47-INEO
Ineos / 50cm PI-20-DF12-50-INEO
Ineos / 51.5cm PI-20-DF12-51.5-INEO
Ineos / 53cm PI-20-DF12-53-INEO
Ineos / 54cm PI-20-DF12-54-INEO
Ineos / 55cm PI-20-DF12-55-INEO
Ineos / 56cm PI-20-DF12-56-INEO
Ineos / 57.5cm PI-20-DF12-57.5-INEO
Ineos / 59.5cm PI-20-DF12-59.5-INEO
Ineos / 62cm PI-20-DF12-62-INEO
Galaxy Blue / 42cm PI-20-DF12-42-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 44cm PI-20-DF12-44-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 46.5cm PI-20-DF12-46.5-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 47cm PI-20-DF12-47-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 50cm PI-20-DF12-50-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 51.5cm PI-20-DF12-51.5-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 53cm PI-20-DF12-53-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 54cm PI-20-DF12-54-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 55cm PI-20-DF12-55-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 56cm PI-20-DF12-56-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 57.5cm PI-20-DF12-57.5-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 59.5cm PI-20-DF12-59.5-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 62cm PI-20-DF12-62-BLUE
Meteor Red / 42cm PI-20-DF12-42-REDD
Meteor Red / 44cm PI-20-DF12-44-REDD
Meteor Red / 46.5cm PI-20-DF12-46.5-REDD
Meteor Red / 47cm PI-20-DF12-47-REDD
Meteor Red / 50cm PI-20-DF12-50-REDD
Meteor Red / 51.5cm PI-20-DF12-51.5-REDD
Meteor Red / 53cm PI-20-DF12-53-REDD
Meteor Red / 54cm PI-20-DF12-54-REDD
Meteor Red / 55cm PI-20-DF12-55-REDD
Meteor Red / 56cm PI-20-DF12-56-REDD
Meteor Red / 57.5cm PI-20-DF12-57.5-REDD
Meteor Red / 59.5cm PI-20-DF12-59.5-REDD
Meteor Red / 62cm PI-20-DF12-62-REDD
Venus Orange / 42cm PI-20-DF12-42-ORNG
Venus Orange / 44cm PI-20-DF12-44-ORNG
Venus Orange / 46.5cm PI-20-DF12-46.5-ORNG
Venus Orange / 47cm PI-20-DF12-47-ORNG
Venus Orange / 50cm PI-20-DF12-50-ORNG
Venus Orange / 51.5cm PI-20-DF12-51.5-ORNG
Venus Orange / 53cm PI-20-DF12-53-ORNG
Venus Orange / 54cm PI-20-DF12-54-ORNG
Venus Orange / 55cm PI-20-DF12-55-ORNG
Venus Orange / 56cm PI-20-DF12-56-ORNG
Venus Orange / 57.5cm PI-20-DF12-57.5-ORNG
Venus Orange / 59.5cm PI-20-DF12-59.5-ORNG
Venus Orange / 62cm PI-20-DF12-62-ORNG
Osium White / 42cm PI-20-DF12-42-WHIT
Osium White / 44cm PI-20-DF12-44-WHIT
Osium White / 46.5cm PI-20-DF12-46.5-WHIT
Osium White / 47cm PI-20-DF12-47-WHIT
Osium White / 50cm PI-20-DF12-50-WHIT
Osium White / 51.5cm PI-20-DF12-51.5-WHIT
Osium White / 53cm PI-20-DF12-53-WHIT
Osium White / 54cm PI-20-DF12-54-WHIT
Osium White / 55cm PI-20-DF12-55-WHIT
Osium White / 56cm PI-20-DF12-56-WHIT
Osium White / 57.5cm PI-20-DF12-57.5-WHIT
Osium White / 59.5cm PI-20-DF12-59.5-WHIT
Osium White / 62cm PI-20-DF12-62-WHIT
Vertigo Blue / 42cm PI-20-DF12-42-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 44cm PI-20-DF12-44-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 46.5cm PI-20-DF12-46.5-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 47cm PI-20-DF12-47-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 50cm PI-20-DF12-50-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 51.5cm PI-20-DF12-51.5-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 53cm PI-20-DF12-53-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 54cm PI-20-DF12-54-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 55cm PI-20-DF12-55-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 56cm PI-20-DF12-56-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 57.5cm PI-20-DF12-57.5-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 59.5cm PI-20-DF12-59.5-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 62cm PI-20-DF12-62-VERT
Matte Black / 42cm PI-20-DF12-42-BLCK
Matte Black / 44cm PI-20-DF12-44-BLCK
Matte Black / 46.5cm PI-20-DF12-46.5-BLCK
Matte Black / 47cm PI-20-DF12-47-BLCK
Matte Black / 50cm PI-20-DF12-50-BLCK
Matte Black / 51.5cm PI-20-DF12-51.5-BLCK
Matte Black / 53cm PI-20-DF12-53-BLCK
Matte Black / 54cm PI-20-DF12-54-BLCK
Matte Black / 55cm PI-20-DF12-55-BLCK
Matte Black / 56cm PI-20-DF12-56-BLCK
Matte Black / 57.5cm PI-20-DF12-57.5-BLCK
Matte Black / 59.5cm PI-20-DF12-59.5-BLCK
Matte Black / 62cm PI-20-DF12-62-BLCK