Velo Pasadena

Sell Your Bike

Velo Pasadena Consignment Service

We would be happy to help you sell your used bike. We’ve helped many customers sell their old bikes for cash or store credit. Here’s how our consignment program works.

Minimum resale value of your bike – $1500 (determined with the help of our experience and third party websites).

Servicing your bike – Dirty bikes with worn out tires and chains are discouraging to a prospective buyer. We recommend servicing your bike before selling. Labor and replacement parts are not included in our commission. Service parts will receive a discount if replaced prior to selling.

Our commission – 30% after any applicable fees (eBay, Paypal, etc) if paid out with a check. 20% after any applicable fees if paid out with store credit.

Duration of consignment – We will attempt to sell your bike for up to three months. After three months we will lower the price each month. You may pick your bike up if you do not wish to lower the price.

If your bike does not sell – We still have to charge for any labor and replacement parts regardless of whether the bike sells. You will also be charged a $50 listing fee.

Abandoned bikes – We will reach out to you after the first three months, and then each month afterwards. Bikes will be considered abandoned after six months with no response from you. It is your responsibility to notify Velo Pasadena if you have a change in phone number or mailing address. Abandoned bikes will become property of Velo Pasadena.

Possession of your bike – After we agree on a consignment deal, the bike must stay in our possession while we attempt to sell it. You may not attempt to sell the bike on your own.