2016 De Rosa Protos

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“Know How” becomes design. The result of years of work, research and engeneering: an important project that wanted to merge everything valuable “know how” accumulated in 60 years of work, combined with engineering design. 
An innovative chassis, high performing, stable and of great aesthetic impact, something unparalleled! The ability to absorb and disperse the irregularities of the terrain have been obtained from the particular design of the fork “Head Flat Face”, which can CX boast enviable even for a bicycle time trial. Protos leaves nothing to chance. 
The material is an expert blend of 3 fibers employed and carefully measured to obtain a precise goal. The composition is made up of 50% TI 800 fiber, 40% TI 1000, and 10% XN60. The PROTOS frame increases the STW (stiffness to weight) value by 35% compared to traditional competition racing bikes. 
The innovative cabling system inside, the solution “full integrated”. The bottom bracket by 86,5 mm and the steering differentiated by 1 1/8” and 1 1/4”. Available in eight measurements, also customizable on request. 

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